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Escape to Private Beachfront Luxury

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Far away from the ringing phones, urgent emails, and endless meetings waits a private, luxurious beachfront oasis for the entire family where all you have to think about is the cool ocean breezes, crystal blue ocean, silky white sand, and an ice-cold beverage.

You work 50-60+ hours a week for months in hopes of escaping on a beautiful family getaway, only to end up at an over-priced resort in a cramped room with a thumping pool party rattling the art off the walls until 2:00 am.

Or you spend your vacation running from sunup to sundown, hop on, hop off, rush, rush, rush, where you need a break to recover from your vacation. Sound familiar?

These situations might work well for the average vacationer, but you are FAR from average, my friend!

Now...let's try this one - You rise from your spacious air-conditioned room, lingering undisturbed beneath crisp white linens, to a stunning crystal blue horizon. The only sounds you hear are the whisper of the gentle waves caressing the sand, the tender call of the Greater Antillean bullfinch, and the soft breath of your blissfully slumbering spouse.

Standing in the customs line upon arrival in Turks and Caicos, I asked my family, "On a scale from 1 to 5, 1= not at all and 5=far exceeds; how much do you think Villa Cascade lives up to the online images?" I guessed 3.5 since I had been studying these striking images since we first booked months earlier, and as a seasoned traveler, I'm no stranger to cosmetic brochure oversell. Others in the family guessed as well; everyone was somewhere between 3-4.

As we pulled up to the gated property, the property manager was waiting to give us a walkthrough. He was professional, pleasant, and spoke perfect English.

As we opened the front door, we all took a beat to catch our breath. The view from the door was just that...breathtaking! We stood in a large, smartly decorated living room with vaulted ceilings, foldaway glass doors, and a spectacular ocean view! Almost in unison, everyone said "6"!

Turks and Caicos is a group of islands that run along the Bahamas Island chain in the Atlantic Ocean. Villa Cascade is located on Providenciales, referred to as Provo; the largest island in population (23,769 at last count) and third largest in area at 38 sq. mi.

Talk about luxury! Villa Cascade, built-in 2015 is a sprawling, impeccably maintained 9287 sq. feet. Feel free to spread out and exhale. There's room for everyone, and everyone chooses between 6 large bedrooms (two on each level) with private en suites, sumptuously comfortable beds, and lush private outdoor showers in true island style! One even has an oversized soaking tub that is perfect for soaking away all your worries!

Grab a glass of wine and put out the do not disturb sign! It's time to RELAX!

The Cascade namesake comes partially from its unique architectural design, cascading down three levels, and partially from how the upper-level infinity edge pool cascades over the edge into two smaller pools on the below level. The infinity pool is large enough for the whole crowd! It's the perfect spot to take in breathtaking sunsets.

Most luxury vacation properties would be complete with a single, fabulous pool, but this villa is far from "Most" and boasts three unique pools, offering something for everyone!

In addition to the large main pool, two are on the second level. The lower pool to the left is very shallow (say 1-2 feet) for the enjoyment of the littlest visitors. The lower pool to the right is maybe 4-5 feet shaded by the upper deck, making it a wonderful escape from the mid-day sun. This was our go-to hang-out due to the swim-up bar and a built-in mini-fridge. The mini-fridge saved us many drippy climbs up the stairs for a beverage or snack.

Not a detail is spared! The bottom is the beach level, where you and your family can relax around a spacious firepit deck, have a drink, make smores and reminisce about the events of the day. Did you see any turtles?

I'm far from done...Villa Cascade has thought of everything! Beneath the deck, you'll find relaxing (and romantic...wink) hammocks for an afternoon nap, a collection of toys, paddle boards, canoes, life vests, snorkeling equipment, name it!

These toys come in handy, as this location is referred to as "The best snorkeling and amenities on Babalua Beach." They aren't kidding! On our snorkeling adventures, we saw incredible, colorful, unique fish, sea life, and even TURTLES! The water is so clear that we can see the turtles in the water from the house's upper deck...without binoculars!

There is also a small outdoor restroom off this deck for those wet, sandy, gotta-go moments!

After a long day snorkeling, swimming, or just relaxing, the gathering place quickly became the spacious and well-equipped chef's kitchen with a large refrigerator, separate beverage cooler, and commercial ice machine - which, believe me - you'll LOVE!

My family spent a lot of time in this area, cooking, sipping coffee, enjoying a snack, a cold beverage, or just hanging out. The round shape of the kitchen makes for excellent flow.

Should you decide to go into Providenciales, you're just a short drive away from some fantastic dining, diving, and fun!

Are you looking for something fun to do? See TripAdvisor's "The 15 Best Things to Do in Providenciales 2021," which includes day cruises, sunset cruises, snorkeling, parasailing, and so much more.

Are you looking for some fantastic food? Check out TripAdvisor's "The 10 Best Restaurants in Providenciales updated July 2021" From Taco's to Lobster, the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, even pizza, it's all here, and it's absolutely fabulous!

The hardest part is choosing one!

I'm ready to go back! Who's with me?

My family and I had a magnificent time here; seriously, we can't wait to return! It was the best private resort we've ever been to! The property manager was extremely attentive and assured us that he was 15-minutes away should we need anything.

TC Villas manage this property. TC Villas. Click here for booking info.

(Photos courtesy of TC Villas)

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